Treat yourself to a unique experience

We have the pleasure to offer our customers an innovative and original online Wedding Gift Video Package including:

For the Bride and Groom: 
• Creation of a personalized Wedding Gift page accompanied by your picture.
• Real time update of the Euro amounts guests have contributed.
• Email to the guests to confirm the gift and to thank them for it.
• Printed cards with username and password to give your guests so they can access the online Wedding Gift Video Package page.
The online Wedding Gift Video Package page is the perfect way to give your guests the ability to present you with a unique gift. The amount is not fixed and the guests are free to donate how much they wish.

For the Guests:
• Private online access to the Wedding Gift page with username and password.
• Ability to write an e-card to accompany the gift.
• Amounts are not fixed. Guests can feel free to donate how much they wish.
• Confirmation of the transaction.
• Guests who are not familiar with the Internet can contact us directly and pay with a bank transfer. We will take care of updating the online Wedding Gift page.

Make a gift

Log in with the username and password you have received from the Bride and Groom and give them a Euro amount of their Video Package. It will be an appreciated gift: a gesture that will last forever.